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  Mining Frequent Multi-mers (k-mers of various lengths) by Inverted Projection
  (MulMer algorithm, see J. Zhang, et al, 2017 for details)

  Select a text file with SAF:
(E.g., Input:  WP_044990988_SAF.txt or BindingSiteSet_std_sel_saf.txt 
         Output: WP_044990988_SAF_2.txt or BindingSiteSet_std_sel_saf_2.txt)

  Input a sequence
Separator: ,
Length constaint:
to   (coming soon)  
Excluded string:  
Minimum support:   (Ranging from 2 to sequence length)  
Output frequent multi-mers ( Y: default value):
Details of dataset and running:
Download the mined multi-mer set (txt)
Download the running information (txt)

These works are currently supported by Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200031, China
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